Evolution in the Treatment of Urinary Tract Infections

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Urinary tract infection which is often abbreviated as UTI is caused when the urinary tract is infected by pathogens. The pathogenic invasion leads to an inflammatory response of the urothelium. The urinary tract infection may be chronic and pose serious complications but they can also be acute infections. Some of the signs and symptoms of the urinary tract infections are fever, chills, urinary urgency and sometimes one can be having cloudy or malodorous urine. Other symptoms are a pain feeling while urinating and you increase the frequency of urinating. A feeling of nauseas or vomiting might also be experienced. If someone gets these symptoms, they should immediately seek medical attention to be diagnosed and know what the problem is. When a kidney is involved in the urinary tract infection, the condition is referred to as pyelonephritis which could be acute or chronic as well. Women are at a greater risk of urinary tract infections than men because of how relatively short the and straight the urethras anatomy is. Changes in normal vaginal flora may also be the cause of the urinary risk infections.

As for men, the infections are associated with quite differing reasons and causes but it is more in older people all together. The best method of treating urinary tract infections is through a process referred to as Bacteriophages. This process has a combination of stages known as phage cocktails which are the medications used in the treatment. These kinds of cocktails work similarly as antibiotics work to treat certain infections but for urinary tract infections, more than one drug is used to treat the UTI infection hence the cocktails. The difference between the antibiotic and the bacteriophages is that the bacteriophages are able to break down biofilms. Since the condition is caused by germs getting into the urethra which is the tube that carries urine from the bladder, any medication is aimed at cleaning the urethra and eliminating the germs that cause the infections and any bacteria.

There are many clinics and hospitals that offer other methods of treating urinary tract infection and after being diagnosed with the infection, one can be advised on the best possible medication for treating the infecting depending on the severity of it as well.

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